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Bridge Over the Wadi

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On a small hill at the edge of the Muslim town of Kfar Kara, a modest one-story building hums with activity; the stammering of first-graders reading Hebrew and Arabic, children at play, and young voices learning a Palestinian folk song in music class spill into the air. Peering in, one sees that the classrooms are built around a courtyard, lending the school a feeling of intimacy like a desert plant that appears overnight on the bare sand after a long dry season, Hand in Hand's Bridge Over the Wadi School seemed to spring out of nowhere in a most unlikely place. In fact, this small miracle was the result of the hard work of a dedicated group of Jewish and Arab parents, who, seeking a context for hope in light of local tensions, joined forces with Hand in Hand and pushed the proposed school plan through one obstacle after another until it was realized. The school began its first day in September 2004, with 105 pupils from K-3 and has since then added a grade every year with hopes to reach K through 12th by 2013.a

The head of the local council in the Arab town of Kfar Kara offered the group a possible solution: an empty and new building on the edge of town.  But this generosity came with its own set of challenges.  Never before had Jews in Israel traveled to school in an Arab town. Characteristic of minority-majority relations, the minority is de facto accustomed to venturing into the 'territory of the majority while the majority is fearful of leaving its familiar setting. At an emergency meeting, the parents reaffirmed their commitment to making the school work. They recognized that the new school would not only bring the Jewish and Arab communities closer, but, for the first time in Israel's history, would bring Jewish children to study in the heart of an Arab town. In fact, a new and significant precedent was set.a

Hand in Hand and the parents of Wadi Ara joined together in lobbying the Ministry of Education and it 2004 received the government's stamp of approval. Giving an extra boost to the enterprise was a pledge from the Van Leer Foundation to support cultural diversity programming during the school's first year of operation.a

Now bilingual, multicultural education in Wadi Ara would become an established fact, and in years to come, the school could become a bridge into a better future of Jewish Arab relations in the area.a

For more information on the school and on ways you can help support please see contact information at the top of this page.a

You are welcome to view our photo galleries and to tour our web site though it is is only in Hebrew and Arabic as it is intended primarily for the school's community.a



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